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Massive drawbacks for users outside the US

Massive drawbacks for users outside the US

Anyone looking to use an Apple Vision Pro mixed reality headset developed outside the US in the future will have to accept massive drawbacks. Because Apple has warned its customers about restrictions on using the Vision Pro outside the US. The headset can be pre-ordered from countries other than the US, but not all of the Vision Pro's functionality will be available. So users will have to wait until the company officially launches the headset in their respective regions.

Apple Vision Pro: These are the reasons for the limited experience

Pre-orders for the Apple Vision Pro have recently been activated. In Apple FAQ on the relevant pre-order page It is now noted that the Vision Pro experience will be different for users outside the US. The company has given several reasons for the limitations in other regions.

Apple Vision Pro only supports English (US) for speech and typing features and English for Siri and dictation.

The App Store requires an Apple ID with the region set to the US.

Apple Music and TV app purchases require an Apple ID with the region set to the US.

For customers requiring vision correction, ZEISS only accepts vision prescriptions written by US eye care professionals and ships to US locations only.

Customers may not be able to access certain applications, features or content due to licensing or other restrictions in those countries or regions.

Apple support is only available in the US.

The first point alone restricts day-to-day use of the Apple Vision Pro headset outside of the United States. So users seriously considering using the $3,500 multimedia monster for work or entertainment will have to wait for Apple to officially launch the device in this country before purchasing it.

Source: Apple