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Masked Dancer: Eloy de Jong took 5th place: Notice the monkey behind the scenes

Masked Dancer: Eloy de Jong took 5th place: Notice the monkey behind the scenes

Singer Eloy de Jong (48) had to introduce himself as “Maximum Power” Thursday night at “The Masked Dancer” (8:15 p.m. at ProSieben). Some of the jury members had already suspected the former boy band member in the costume. In an interview with the news agency Featured on the News, Eloy de Jong reveals what music he likes to dance to solo and why he signed a contract with his ten-year-old daughter, Indy. It also gives a nod to the monkey costume he saw behind the scenes of the show.

Congratulations on the fifth place. Are you disappointed that you did not reach the final?

Eloy de Jong: It’s a shame, I would have loved to dance in the final, but it was such an honor to be there. I can still be on the show again next week. On the other hand, I’m glad I can take to the streets again without my heavy Max Force uniform.

How hard is it to dance in a costume? Were you more nervous than usual when you were on stage?

De Jong: You can’t compare it to anything. I love wellness and am an experienced sauna goer – but being in a costume is like going into a sauna in clothes and then doing a dance there. Then there is the excitement. that’s cool. Two people had to help me put the costume in the first place because it had so many pieces. But now I have the best carnival costume ever…

Can you keep the costume?

De Jong: I’ll take it with me (laughs). Please don’t tell anyone!

Do you think your youth dance experience and boy band days gave you an edge in The Masked Dancer?

De Jong: I don’t think so. After all, Ute Lemper, who was the first to be fired, was a real star with a Broadway musical career. I think it takes a combination of things to move forward. I really tried to get the most out of “maximum power”.

Do you have a favorite dance move or dance?

De Jong: For me as the “ultimate force” it was a dream to do a couple dance. Tango with my partner last night was really amazing. When you can talk to dance like you do, it’s very touching. I was so impressed myself that after three weeks I was able to dance the Argentine Tango in a costume I couldn’t walk in at first.

Can you also imagine participating in other dance shows? For example “Let’s dance”?

De Jong: That would be my dream! I received a lot of requests for shows. If I can learn something from attending, having fun, and it fits my schedule, I always say yes. But I also think it would be great to be a judge on a show!

Boy band classics, hit songs, or something completely different: what do you like to dance to the most?

De Jong: I love music from the 80’s! My daughter Indy is on TikTok a lot. There are a lot of old songs from the past. She was surprised when the kids suddenly danced to Bonnie M at her 10th birthday party. But I also like modern things, for example Heidi Klum’s new song “Tea Tea with Heidi” – I think that’s really cool.

Does your daughter know about her participation in “The Masked Dancer”? In general, how hard is it to keep it a secret for you?

De Jong: I’m really bad at lying. I always think it’s important to have three people to share something with. On the one hand, of course, there was my partner and manager. We only told Indy a week later and we made a little contract with her that she wasn’t allowed to tell anyone.

Have you heard anything from the other candidates behind the scenes? Is it a harbinger of those who might be under other costumes?

De Jong: The only thing I can reveal is that I saw the monkey eating a banana. Otherwise, I have no idea! You really don’t hear anything from the others behind the stage.

Which of the masks will you keep your fingers crossed for next week?

De Jong: I know it’s cliched, but I’ll keep my fingers crossed for everyone. We all had a part in putting on a great show. Let the viewers decide!