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Martirosjan in ninth place in the World Cup

Sargis Martirosjan finished ninth at the World Weightlifting Championships in Tashkent. In the category weighing up to 109 kg, the 35-year-old managed to gain 173 kg in the snatch, which means seventh place, and 195 kg in the thrust. In a duel his weight reached 368 kg. Uzbek Akbar Dzhwaraev with a weight of 433 kg defeated compatriot Ruslan Nurdinov with 421 kg.

“It was definitely a very intense year 2021. First with the goal of participating in the Olympics in Tokyo and then in the fall with the Bundesliga final, which we luckily won for SK VÖEST Linz, and now finally the year in the world championships. One thing is clear, I will also be on International theater in 2022″.

Iran’s false anthem stirs up anger

There was an incident at an Iranian award ceremony. After the success of the Prophet al-Mu’tamid (up to 102 kg), according to media reports, the anthem of the Islamic Republic was not played at the award ceremony, which was broadcast live on Iranian state television, instead of the Shah’s anthem from the previous monarchy. He heard the Islamic Revolution of 1979. Everything related to the monarchy is a completely taboo subject in Iran.