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Martin Rutter visits the animal shelter in Bochum: he was hit

When it comes to dog training, no one knows better than him: Martin Routier. He is an absolute expert in this field. A few years ago, a dog psychologist turned his passion into a career. In addition to an online store and several dog schools, he also launched several TV formats.

In his program “Der Hundeprofi”, Martin Rütter shows how to master these four-legged friends’ training problems. Different individual destinies rarely leave him. Dachshund lady Julie seems to have been particularly fond of the people of Duisburg.

Martin Roter visits the animal shelter in Bochum

The dog groomer is now sharing a snippet from the episode of the show of the same name on Instagram. It is about the story of a dachshund named Jules. The animal was sold on eBay classifieds (today’s classifieds .de). However, her new owners did not know that she was expecting offspring and immediately contacted the animal shelter in Bochum.

Julie gives birth to a total of seven puppies. The four-legged friends didn’t have to wait long for a new home, either. After all, dachshunds are one of the most popular breeds in this country. When Martin Rutter asked again if all the dogs were adopted, an employee at the animal shelter replied, “Yes, but Sophie and I picked first.” She looked mischievously at her colleague. Martin Rutter is dumbfounded when he hears this.

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The staff takes dachshunds

Apparently, the two employees of the Bochum animal shelter became so fond of the four-legged friend that they immediately adopted a puppy themselves. “no!” exclaims Martin Rutter, laughing. These scenes also warm the hearts of professional dog lovers:

  • “I wish Phyllis a great dog life and German minded people.”
  • “I shouldn’t be sitting there, I’ll be at least 10 kilos heavier going home.”
  • “Wow, they are great. All the best to the bullies!”
  • “Oh, I’ll take one too.”

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