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Martha Louise of Norway: A bitter decision

Martha Louise of Norway: A bitter decision

Norwegian Haakon: Bang!

That’s why Martha Louise’s brother now hair heir to the throne, Haakon Required for the position:

This is a topic I find difficult. On the other hand, my sister got engaged and she met Durek Verrett and it’s good to be with him. I want him to feel welcome in our family. At the same time, I feel a great responsibility for the institution.

The Crown Prince confirmed on “TV 2”: “We need to talk about it and work things out. That is what we are trying to find a good way forward now, taking into account the different feelings and aspects.”

sensation! then It rarely happens that the future king comments on private issues! It will take “some time” for the court to make a decision on the princess’s future role in the royal family.

The princess faces a difficult decision: her fiancé or her family?

This puts Märtha Louise in front of a difficult decision: Will she continue to support her fiance in his career ambitions? Or will she stand by her family and oppose your role? “I’m so happy he’s here” She was excited about her shaman last year. This may look very different soon.

Text from the IN print edition by: Anja Eichriedler

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