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Mars rover discovers "animal" on the red planet

Mars rover discovers “animal” on the red planet

NASA’s Mars Persevere spacecraft is searching for signs of life on Mars. Now a mysterious “monster” has been discovered.

The basics in brief

  • Two Mars rovers are searching for signs of life on our neighboring planet Mars.
  • The “persevering” rover has now found something that looks like a frog.
  • However, the discovery is a rock formation.

Two NASA rovers are currently rolling over the planet Mars. Inhospitable as our neighboring planet may seem, the search for life has not been abandoned. Therefore, “perseverance” and “curiosity” look under the most conservative conditions Possible signs of life.

In addition to searching for life Discoveries of enormous scientific interest I did. Among other things water Discover on Mars and explore the Jezero Crater landing area.

NASA with new discoveries of Mars

As Caltech reports in California, the “persevering” rover has now discovered something unusual. It is a “frog” sitting in the middle of the desert of Mars. However, in reality, it is only a stone formation that resembles our earthly animal. However, the rock shows how kind of skeleton employment.

The rover dug a sample into the rock. Scientists are eagerly awaiting the study of these and other samples from our neighbors.

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