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Marie Linberger plays Barbara Hogg in Walter Storm's movie

Marie Linberger plays Barbara Hogg in Walter Storm’s movie

Interview: Jean-Claude Galli

The King of Switzerland was the smuggler: Walter Sturm (1942-1999) escaped from Swiss prisons several times in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. With “Storm: Until We Die or Be Free”, Joel Basman (31) as a gentle criminal is on cinemas now. Marie Linberger (41), legendary Sturm lawyer, Barbara Hogg (1946-2005) played a major role in it.

Blake: When you were born in 1980, can you remember the time when Walter Sturm was a famous person?
Marie Leuenberger: I was still very young at the time. But everyone born in 1975 and above always had a smile on their face when I said I would soon appear in a movie about Stürm. Then they said, “Oh, Storm, that was us on the kitchen table.” “We were thrilled when it broke out again.” I can tell from these reactions that it was a “number”.