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Marco Rima gives a health update after the hospital shock

Marco Rima gives a health update after the hospital shock

Three and a half weeks ago, comedian Marco Rima (62) was admitted to hospital in an emergency, and now he is speaking via video message.

In the video he shared on social media, he once again explains why he had to cut short his tour in Austria.

He went to his hotel after a show and then “had kidney colic in the middle of the night.” The ambulance took him to the hospital in Klagenfurt. They responded immediately and “there was a small emergency operation,” Rima continues.

When he returned to Switzerland, he was examined again and the stones were removed from his kidney. “Two rock crystal, a diamond and an opal,” Marco Rima jokes.

But the comedian isn't a perfect fit. “Not everything has been revealed yet,” the 60-year-old said. “My kidney is a real mine, a pile of rubble…”

He needs to be checked again and may have another surgery.

But Marco Rima is confident: “I assume that I will regain my physical fitness and that I will be able to sit at the desk again.”

Marco Rima wants to tour Germany at the beginning of April. His next appearance will be in Friedrichshafen (D).

He also wants to make up for his canceled appearance in Austria in the fall.

The comedian says goodbye to his fans with the words: “Have a good time and enjoy life with a lot of humor. Goodbye. Ciao!”

Three weeks ago, Marco Rima criticized reports of his illness. Background: Ösi news portal wrote that “an old heart disease has resurfaced.”

He announced through his wife and manager, Cristina Rima, that these were “false, exaggerated reports.”