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Marco Muller does not extend - he changed to HC Lugano

Marco Muller does not extend – he changed to HC Lugano

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Marco Muller rejects contract offer from EV Zug – striker moves to Ticino

The 27-year-old has signed a three-year contract with HC Lugano. It was not financial, but private reasons that were the decisive factors for not extending the expired contract with EV Zug.

Scored 16 points in 27 games: Marco Muller.

Photo: Marusca Rezzonico/Freshfocus (Ambrey, November 27, 2021)

Before Christmas, everything seemed clear: Marco Muller will extend his contract with the defending champion, which expires at the end of the season. «There is a tendency towards EV Zug“,” Muller announced to our newspaper after the 1:5 defeat against Geneva Servet. He will hold talks with those close to him in order to get a clearer picture of his future plans. Sports director Reto Clay also assumed the contract extension was just a matter of form. «The desire for further cooperation is based on reciprocity. Marco wants to stay with usHappy Clay a few weeks ago.

Now the sudden turning point in the Mueller case. Our newspaper knows: the striker does not see his future in central Switzerland and leaves EV Zug in the summer. Although an offer to extend the contract was on the table, Mueller hesitated. Often not a good sign. Clay would have liked to work with the 27-year-old long-term. “Marco has integrated well into our game system. I regret we could not come to an agreement,” Clay said.

‘The decision gave me a headache’

After nine games without goals at the start of the season, Muller found himself better and better. In game 10 of the season, he broke the spell, celebrated his first goal in the EVZ outfit and did so with a hat-trick. Especially when so many high-profile players have been sidelined due to injuries, the forward showed why he played an important role in coach Dan Tangis’ playing system. Müller, who defines himself by his strength and fighting spirit, goes forward as a leader and brings the mood to the team with his feelings. Muller says:

“I can’t exchange Hoffman’s scorer points individually, but I can support the team in other ways.”

Its greatest strength is its versatility. It’s been used mostly as a centerpiece this season – but it’s also been used ten times as a winger center. Because of this versatility, Muller was included in the team planning for Zug’s Director of Sports for the upcoming season.

Close relationship with Ticino

The deal did not fail for financial reasons. Instead, the private reasons were decisive for Müller not staying in central Switzerland. He still owns an apartment in Bellinzona and has built an environment there for four seasons with Ambri-Piotta. This is one of the reasons why it is so firmly entrenched in Ticino. Mueller does not want to reveal the name of his new employer. However, as our newspaper learned from a reliable source, he signed a three-year contract with HC Lugano.

Muller walks the same way as Santeri Alatalo and Calvin Thurkopf. His focus remains entirely on the EV Zug. “I want to lift the championship trophy in May,” Mueller’s announced goal said.