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Manuela Jost: "Such temporary uses must have their place in the future"

Manuela Jost: “Such temporary uses must have their place in the future”

The long story of the Ex-Soldiers’ Lounge in Lucerne Allemand is certainly history from Monday. The so-called “Ichwaldley family” left the house and handed over the keys to the city (Zentralplus reported). This aroused the annoyance of the population by ignoring the contractually agreed movement several times and exhausting all the means provided to them by the democratic constitutional state.

The city now wants to quickly prepare the rigs and decide on the future of the property with various interest groups. Interesting: representatives of the Eichwäldli family will also be sitting at the table with City Councilor Manuela Jost (GLP). A success for the community that will be able to make its voice heard within the city’s institutions in the future.

Months of public debate

He emerges from the case as a winner. Not only because she was able to extend her project for several months due to resistance, but also because the debate over the city’s handling of its real estate gained new momentum.

In other words: a movement from below has condemned the politics of Lucerne and the media and therefore the public for discussing this – as well as the topic of open spaces and alternative forms of living – and offering solutions for the future. Because Eichwäldli will not remain the only project of its kind in Lucerne (Zentralplus reported).

center plusBy: Manuela Jost, The Echowalde family emerged victorious from history. First, they were able to survive longer and, as they wanted, forced a long public debate about how the city should treat their estates, as well as about temporary uses and alternative forms of living. do you agree?

Manuela Just: No, I can not understand this explanation like that. They lost in court and had to leave the soldiers’ quarters even though they wanted to stay.

“We said from the start that the Ichwaldley family could be there.”

Central Plus: Some may be surprised by the city’s desire to continue sitting at the table with the group despite the experiences it has had. what do you think?

jost: The participation process for the use of the area began at the beginning of the year. We said from the start that the Eichwäldli family could be there.

Central Plus: What lessons did the city council learn from this issue?

jost: We made a project with possible alternative forms of living in the soldiers’ room and we see ourselves in the future in the role of facilitator when it comes to such ideas. However, we maintain our clear position that the costs of such projects must be proportional to the need to meet two basic requirements of a long-term contract.

Central Plus: who are they?

jost: First, agreements must be adhered to, and second, there must be a willingness to speak up. As these basic requirements were not met, the city council allowed the commercial lending contract with the Eichwäldli family to expire. The process around Eichwäldli was complex and we regret that it had to go this way at the end of the day and that we were unable to start a follow-up project in September. We note that the residents stubbornly refused to leave the house.

Central Plus: What does that mean for temporary uses in the future?

jost: The City of Lucerne has a policy that allows and encourages temporary use. The very successful and popular new bathroom was created on this basis. We are convinced that such temporary uses must have their place in the future. Developments around Eichwäldli have not changed that.

“The discussions showed how important temporary uses are and that the city is ready for exchange on an equal footing.”

Central Plus: How did you experience the public and political debate?

jost: The discussions showed how important temporary uses are and that the city is ready for exchange on an equal footing. For us, this means that we will also enable temporary use of vacant properties in the future.

center plus: What now?

jost: Preparations for the demolition of the soldiers’ room begin immediately. Once the area is empty, temporary use begins. The key is that the new temporary use offers added value to the quarter and city. Of course, we will set clear framework conditions for this. For example, in terms of noise emissions or distance to the forest.