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Manuela Frey meets Ed Sheeran before the concert in Zurich

Manuela Frey meets Ed Sheeran in Zurich

There was a selfie on the toilet

Supermodel Manuela Fry met star Ed Sheeran unexpectedly – in the toilet of a Zurich restaurant. Blick’s report on the celebrity encounter.


Manuela Fry proudly posted this photo with Ed Sheeran on Instagram.

Flavia Schleitler and Remo Burnett

Didn’t expect it! When Manuela Frey, 25, went to the toilet at the fashionable Astra in Zurich on Thursday evening, the supermodel had an unexpected confrontation: Suddenly, star musician Ed Sheeran, 31, stood in front of her. “I was so shocked and excited that he was there all of a sudden,” she told Blake the next day.

Give her a selfie