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Maisu - Kids need space: There is a playground in the center

Maisu – Kids need space: There is a playground in the center

Now that the planned Quince Walk natural playground has not worked out, a playground is being constructed in the center of the village. For this purpose, the municipality of Ewald Gruber from Gars rents 500 m 2 Large estate on Kremserstraße, ideally located between the city wall and Dachsberger.

The Maeso Municipal Council has voted unanimously on a lease contract at €100 per year, initially for two years with an option to extend. The design is undertaken by Together for Maisau.

ÖVP Mayor Josef Kleb emphasized that “children need a space to play”. The new playground is designed to provide the freedom needed for afternoon care and holiday games. So far, most of the games have been played in the woods next to the quince playground. However, this is dangerous because dry tree branches can fall there, say the foresters.

Once again harassing white-collar mice

In the town hall too: in the fall there is a rat extermination campaign all over the larger town. “There are always reports from community citizens of rat sightings,” Mayor Klip reported. The last national campaign was in 2014. The health damage to the population can only be prevented through targeted extermination of rats.

Local councilor Ulrike Vojtisek-Stuntner (NEOS) voted against the measure. “Mice can transfer poison from the bait box and thus put cats and other pets at risk,” the delegate said. In any case, the extermination of mice is carried out by the Waste Association.

Energy must be provided in small areas

Small-scale energy supply must be secured through the establishment of an energy community. Following an urgent request by Community Chair Klepp, the Community Council decided to plan and design a “Renewable Energy Community” with the votes of ÖVP and SPÖ. Wojciech Stuntner spoke out against it, saying, “The information situation is still too weak for me.”

Anton Hofstetter, member of the OVP Council, who has been preparing the project for a long time with Hubert Wimmer and Florian Hengl, provided detailed explanations. The establishment of the Energy Community is only now possible after the passage of the Renewable Expansion Act (EAG) in the National Assembly. Now the framework conditions have been created to fully convert Austria’s energy supply to renewables by 2030. Membership in the EZN (Energy Future Lower Austria) association allows to obtain the data required for effective change.

The NEOS mandate is critical of the fact that EVN is also represented in this national federation. “For a long time, EVN has been a brake on the expansion of renewable energy.” Hofstetter’s paradox: “Our energy community can freely decide which power provider will eventually take over the excess solar or supply any additional power that may be needed.”