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Madonna Without A Chance: Giovanni Zarrella's Album Is #1 on the charts |  entertainment

Madonna Without A Chance: Giovanni Zarrella’s Album Is #1 on the charts | entertainment

Madonna has no chance to hit |

Numero Uno next to Giovanni Zarella

The great queen of pop sees only the tail lights from Zarella’s train. Musician puts the great Madonna (64) in his pocket for the German album crown.

With his new record “Per semper”, the artist takes the lead in the German charts. Madonna’s hit compilation “Finally Enough Love” doesn’t skip Geo.

What does the number three album hit parade for Giovanni Zarella (44) mean? To BILD, he said, still completely overwhelmed, “I’m grateful and a little proud of myself and my private and professional environment. You can never do something like this on your own. I feel like I’m taking back everything I’ve been working for for 15 years, sometimes hard.”

Small theater, big stage: for Giovanni, the place where he makes the audience happy with his music is irrelevant

Photo: Christoph Richwin (CREE)

Giovanni is still completely overwhelmed by the moment, but he also does not forget the dark hours: “I was allowed to live my dream and I never wanted to do anything other than music and entertain people. I often lacked strength when one of my projects did not turn out as well as I had hoped. There were a few moments when I was about to retire as an artist.”

When presenting his album

Presenting his album “Per semper”, Giovanni made time for each individual fan

Photo: Christoph Richwin (CREE)

The good thing is that Zarella never gives up. Keep attacking. The family man also did the same with his children: “I want to make my parents proud, I want to be an example to my children in everything I do. That is why I fought my way. And also to show my children that it is worth never giving up in life and living your dreams. My parents did not tell me Nor did my wife ever say, “Stop, do something else.” Quite the contrary. They have always believed in me.”

His father Bruno also played him in Zarella who has always been on the ball. “My dad always said: ‘You are good, you love music, one day you will succeed. We believe in you. Today I can only thank my wonderful family for this infinite and unconditional love. I love her so much and really enjoy because we all get along so well. I was on vacation in Sardinia. With my parents, mother-in-law, wife and children. We have rented a big house and my heart explodes with joy when I see how tender my children are with their grandparents. Children bathe with love. My family is the most important thing to me, beside my love for music.”

Giovanni Zarella and his family are delighted with the number 1

Giovanni Zarella and his family are happy with first place

Photo: private

His words sound like a great script, even without music. As he says, Giovanni means it. Fans feel it, too. They thanked him for their third album in a row.