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Madonna strikes again!

Madonna strikes again!

She has a tight touring schedule ahead of her over the next few weeks. But it looks like Madonna’s health is already deteriorating (again).

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Instagram / @madonna – The opening concert of Madonna’s new tour in London.

The basics in a nutshell

  • Madonna is 65 years old.
  • She is currently on the big “Celebration Tour.”
  • Will you get over this?

Would she have preferred to stay in bed a little longer?

One thing is certain: superstar Madonna, 65, is on a big tour. However, it is also certain that this has not been under a proper star yet.

Last June, Madonna spent several days in intensive care due to a serious bacterial infection. But just how bad things were for the music icon was hidden from her fans.

And now the Queen of Pop admits during her stage show that she didn’t believe she could survive. “I didn’t think I could do it — and neither did my doctors,” she reveals.

The start of her “The Celebration Tour” world tour has been postponed by several months.

Madonna is getting worse again

Now, just one week into the tour, Madonna is feeling bad again. “I must tell you that I am not feeling well at the moment. “But I can’t complain because I’m alive,” the 65-year-old said on stage.

Will Madonna’s health play a role in the next few weeks? – Instagram/Madonna

The translator of “Like a Prayer” stressed that she is very grateful to her children and all the support. “I really appreciate it,” Madonna said.

What exactly does a successful singer have? Only she knows. The next two concerts are scheduled for October 25 and 26 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“I’m not a quitter!” (in German: “I won’t give up!”) she shouted to a crowd of about 20,000 people in London at the start of her tour on October 14.

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It’s an anniversary tour for the singer in two ways: This year she celebrated her 65th birthday and the 40th anniversary of her hit single “Holiday.”

Earlier this year, her appearance at the Grammy Awards sparked concern, with severe swelling of her cheeks, forehead and lips.

In London she seemed to be her old self again. Long legs, peroxide blonde hair, and familiar facial features. But the character of Madonna, who talks about the difficulties she faces as an artist, her children, as well as Israel, seems more vulnerable than before.

Elaborate costumes based on previous costumes, artistic choreography and large-scale performances make the show a feast for the eyes. Sometimes Madonna floats meters above the audience in the frame, sometimes she lets herself sink into a mountain of naked bodies.

The “Celebration Tour” takes Madonna through twelve countries in Europe and North America. 78 concerts are scheduled to take place – assuming the singer’s health is good.