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Madness in the NFL!  Las Vegas Raiders beat Baltimore Ravens 33:27 - US SPORT

Madness in the NFL! Las Vegas Raiders beat Baltimore Ravens 33:27 – US SPORT

Nothing for the weak nerves!

The Las Vegas Raiders impressively won in overtime with 33:27 tonight in Monday night’s NFL game against the Baltimore Ravens.

What a great game!

Both teams complete the first day of the NFL with a game that can’t be beat in terms of excitement.

Did you notice that too?
Doubtful details discovered when Ronaldo returns

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What or what! NS! One! crazy! the final level!

37 seconds before the end of normal time, Baltimore’s Justin Tucker scored a field goal from 44 yards. His 48th successful attempt in the fourth consecutive quarter.

the decision? No!!!

Attackers throw everything forward in the last few seconds. And get a shot at 55 yards! crazy! Daniel Carlson Compete – And Meet!

compensation! over time!

Then landing raiders by Brian Edwards!

cheers! Everything rushes into the arena. The teams are already saying goodbye to each other. Then the rulers come in! After analyzing the video, they declared that the attempt was invalid. Centimeters were missing when landing. The Star Raiders is said to have been on the ground with his knee before the egg reached the end zone.

The game continues! Mad!

Baltimore quarterback star Lamar Jackson loses the ball after an attack from Karl Nessib. Raiders are trying to field target. There is a five-yard penalty for not doing it fast enough. And then they make their decisions! Kicker down, attack back in.

Quarterback Derek Carr throws in a Jones costume. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah end!

The Raiders won in 33:27 against the favorite from Baltimore.

The Allegiant Stadium (which cost 2 billion) swung back and forth throughout the match. In their first home game in front of an audience since moving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, the Raiders made an impressive comeback after trailing 14-0. Meanwhile make it 17:17. They are then 17:24 and 24:27 behind them – and they always balance.

Next shock injury crows

After rupturing his double cruciate ligament in pre-season with running back JK Doobins and linebacker LJ Fort, Justice Hill returned to rupturing his Achilles tendon during training. Then last Thursday’s cruciate ligament ruptured within a few minutes as full back Jose Edwards and full back Marcus Peters ran in. Not understood!

Tonight the next failure: Goalkeeper Tyre Phillips was injured before the end of the first half.


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