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Mäder defends 2nd place – Rankwell/Predereis defeats Höchst II – Fußball Vorarlberg – Results, tables and scorers from all Vbg leagues.

In the twentieth round of the third state class, Crombach athletically came close to winning the title – 6:0 at Lochau and sixteen points ahead of the stalker Mäder. Mäder cemented his second climb position with 6:2 against Sulz II, and now Höchst II is three points behind Mäder, as Höchst lost 0:3 at Rankwell/Predereis.

Clear success for Rankweil / Brederis II against Höchst II

Cagdas Poyraz, SPG Rankweil / Brederis II coach: “Overall, a clear and well-deserved win for our team. According to the course of the match, we should have used our chances better up front and our goal scorer would have been very happy with that. It was a great long-range strike for Paul Graber to make it 1 -0 is the cornerstone of the victory and after that we won the match collectively. Apart from two or three scoring chances, FC Höchst 1b had nothing to oppose the match. An important victory for the self-confidence of my young team. It was a very strong match at times.”

Top Players SPG Rankweil / Brederis II: Paul Graber, Kader Ozon (goalkeeper), Amadeus Peter, Arif Kanberi

Mäder with a clear win 6: 2 against Sulz II

Stjepan Erlic, Assistant Coach FC Mäder: “From the first minute to the last there was no doubt who would win the match. From the 11th minute at the latest with a goal to make the score 1-0 thanks to a built-in Selcuk Olcum goal guarantee, the young Mäder side dominated the match firmly throughout.
The highlight of the match was the 3-0 goal scored by Mirko Lieber with a direct admission from 30 metres. After receiving a completely unnecessary red card from Maxi Seeger in the 68th minute, FC Mel slipped into play for a short while. Mader responded to Al-Sahwa’s goal in the 75th minute to make the score 4:2 with a return column in the 76th minute – by someone other than Selcuk Olkum. After that it was just the result of playing at home.”

Top Players FC Mader: Selcuk Olcum (attacking position), Alican Akyildiz (defending position) Arifcan Baser (MF position)