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Maddie McCann from Poland has been revealed thanks to a DNA test

Weeks ago, Julia W. From Poland, attention has been drawn to her alleged resemblance to the missing Maddy McCann in various articles. The 21-year-old is convinced she was kidnapped from her holiday home in Portugal some 16 years ago.

After much hesitation, the authorities agreed to a DNA test that should provide information about the woman’s actual relationship. The conclusion is clear: Pole is not Madeleine McCann. d said Johansson, American private investigator.

A supporter of Julia’s. She is of little Lithuanian and Russian descent, but her test results show that she is Polish, according to Radar Online.

Experts expressed their doubts about an actual relationship with Maddie McCann in advance. Likewise the British detectives from Scotland Yard. The Polish woman’s parents also called their claims untrue from the start, the Daily Mail reported.

“It is clear to us as a family that Julia is our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin, sister-in-law. We have memories, we have pictures,” said the family. Julia W., on the other hand, claimed that she could not fully remember her childhood.