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Macron sees Britain’s credibility in jeopardy

French President Emmanuel Macron sees Great Britain’s credibility in jeopardy. (Archive image)


French President Emmanuel Macron has not made a good statement to the government in London: Great Britain has been negotiating a deal for years and is now acting contrary to what was decided.

French President Emmanuel Macron believes London’s credibility is at stake in the dispute with Great Britain over post-Brexit relations. “If you spend many years negotiating a deal and after a few months do the opposite in what is most appropriate for you, it is not a good sign of credibility,” Macron told the Financial Times on Friday.

Following Britain’s exit from the European Union, Paris and London have been embroiled in a bitter dispute over fishing rights. They accused each other of violating the Brexit trade agreement, which expired late last year, in relation to fishing licenses in British waters. France has accused the UK of not giving enough fishing permits to French vessels.

In addition, London is arguing with Brussels over the Northern Ireland protocol for the Brexit agreement. This provides that no tariffs were imposed between Great Britain-owned Northern Ireland and EU member Ireland, without affecting the Good Friday Agreement of 1998. Instead, there should be restrictions between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. However, critics believe this creates a practical frontier within the UK and will be affected by the supply to Northern Ireland.