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macOS Monterey für allen angekündigt

macOS Monterey announced to everyone

Tonight isn’t just owned by Apple New MacBook Pro Models Foot. Moreover New AirPods 3 The computer manufacturer from Cupertino showed.

What MacBooks Got the macOS Monterey Update?

Free update

As always, in recent years, updating to macOS Monterey has been, of course, free. At WWDC this summer Show us Fredriguez News from the latest Apple operating system.

New functionality under macOS Monterey

As always with the new version, a number of new functions have also been integrated into the new operating system. You can actually find a few of them here:

  • universal control
  • AirPlay on Mac
  • Shortcuts for Mac
  • New Safari tab design
  • And a lot of little jobs

Prices and availability

As we mentioned above, macOS updates are basically free. I’m already looking forward to AirPlay for Mac and Universal Control and the best part is that you can install the update next week. My advice, turn on the backup function. Then you’ll be ready when the update rolls out next Tuesday. Maybe anyone who isn’t too busy or uses more specialized software should wait a little longer and run the tests beforehand.

In my case, I will definitely do a clean install again. This means that I do not restore the backup and start with a completely blank computer. It takes a little longer each time, but it’s definitely worth it for me.
I do this with every big leap in the macOS version.