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macOS Monterey and iOS 15.1 at home: New betas, rapid release cycle continues |  News

macOS Monterey and iOS 15.1 at home: New betas, rapid release cycle continues | News

The first upgraded version of macOS Monterey was released over three months ago, and all other major system updates have also been released. However, it was not until the end of September that Apple entered the house directly and it accelerated its pace. Between the seventh and eighth and now between the eighth and ninth beta, only one week has passed. If the pace is accelerated from three or two weeks to only one week, this usually means that the last stage of development has begun.

Apple then focuses only on bug fixes and final tuning, and functional changes are somewhat unlikely. If changes are found in Beta 9, contrary to expectations, we will update this message. Apple will likely only announce a public release date at its upcoming Mac event – which, however, has yet to be announced. According to current estimates, it could be November, just like last year. At the time, Apple had distributed ten Big Sur betas in order to present the final version to all users on November 12.

iOS 15.1 and other updates
Apple has also released new beta versions for other systems. iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, watchOS 8.1 and tvOS 15.1. It was released in a quick release cycle from the start, which is why a rather short beta phase can be assumed. An innovation has already been announced, because with a bit of a delay, Apple is now bringing SharePlay with them to watch movies simultaneously or listen to music over FaceTime. IOS 15.1 also brings support for lossless audio and Dolby Atmos including 3D/spatial audio on Apple’s HomePod (and HomePod mini.

Current build numbers
Finally, as always, an overview of the currently beta versions can be found in the developers’ area. Like now first mentionedCupertino is already testing macOS 12.4 — a version that probably won’t be available until next summer.

  • macOS 12, Beta 9, version number: 21A5543b (published 10/6/2021)
  • iOS 15.1, Beta 3, Version Number: 19B5060d (Released: 10/06/2021)
  • iPadOS 15.1, Beta 3, Version Number: 19B5060d (Released: 10/6/2021)
  • tvOS 15.1, Beta 3, Version Number: 19J5560d (Released: 10/6/2021)
  • watchOS 8.1, Beta 3, version number: 19R5559e (Released: 10/06/2021)