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Lutheran takes first place: Here's what Round 4 brings in the House

Lutheran takes first place: Here’s what Round 4 brings in the House

The date of the fourth round in the House of Representatives is approaching. For Lautern and Regensburg, things could continue this way. The unsuccessful pentagonal basement around the stunning Uli Forte wants everything to get better. Overview.

FCK on the rise: Are the Red Devils the Friday night leaders?
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Who got first place on Friday?

Begin in the south. In the fourth round, two traditional teams appeared on the scene, 1. FC Kaiserslautern and namesake from Nuremberg. The Palatinate had a happy summer, and promotion to League Two was followed by a successful start to the season – the euphoria, enthusiasm and strength of Boyd must also be the Red Devils in Friday evening (6.30 pm) Campaign to win the SC Paderborn. Hence at the top of the table. If Lautern fails to achieve his goals, “eternal” 1. Heidenheim can climb to the top with a victory in Nuremberg. The Franconians, who have to absorb the artisanal shock but expect the return of driver Muller Dahle, will have something against it.

Can Bielfeld and Braunschweig finally write?

HSV Week was marked by Uwe Seeler’s funeral service. Hello Background Noise: The Onana Millions Go to the Hanseatic League Account. Club icon Seller also advises that the focus now should be on the sporting side. Because it only beat a kid in Bielefeld’s basement Saturday afternoon (1.30 pm) Hamburg will bring the stamp of a “successful start to the season”. For their part, Arminians are hungry for a first point or more – because new coach Ole Forte has “never experienced anything like this before”.

Under the summer sun on Saturday, the Kiel storks and the unlucky taillight of pointless Braunschweig and Baden opponent Karlsruhe and Sandhausen also compete. The most famous KSC still misses a win in the 2022/23 group, the always uncomfortable SVS already has two of them.

Though Close: Hansa’s Long Journey

It is said under the floodlights at Böllenfalltor in Darmstadt pm (8.30 pm): Lilies vs. Hansa Gear. In Neighbors’ Table (2/0/1), the Rosstockers have to deal with a long journey south from a geographical point of view. Another reason to add more points to the successful start of Season 2 after the promotion – after all, it is important not to start the long journey home as a loser.

Sunday problem kids

Two clubs, who wear rather long faces, want that Sunday (1.30 pm) Provides mood improvement. Only relegated SpVgg Greuther Fürth to the Bundesliga is the leader in the second division’s eternal table, and the bitter daily chores including shocking the coaches have not revealed any lasting sense of accomplishment. Perhaps at Fortuna Düsseldorf, which recently received dignitaries on its supervisory board?

Coaching Hannover 96, former Fürth promotion champion Stefan Little. He also longs for his first victory. For this, Lower Saxony will have to get rid of Jan Regensburg, who entered the fourth round without conceding a goal – and still not completely satisfied.

FC St. Pauli want to reach the top half of the table in Game Three on Sunday. New arrivals from 1. FC Magdeburg are guests at Millerntor.