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Luna Schweiger confirms her relationship with Friedrich von Anhalt’s adopted son

Love the adoptive gentleman

Luna Schweiger confirms her relationship with Kevin von Anhalt

Luna Schweiger, daughter of actor Til Schweiger, confirms what has long been baffling: She and Frédéric von Anhalt’s adopted son, Kevin, are a married couple.

Rumors have been in the air for weeks and now Luna Schweiger (25) confirms them: “I am in a relationship with football player Kevin von Anhalt. We have been together for half a year now,” says the actress in an interview with “Bild”.

The couple was on vacation together. But he still moved around for love. She lives with her famous father Til Schweiger (58) in Hamburg. Kevin Vogt (28), as von Anhalt’s real name, plays for Türkspor Augsburg in the Fifth Division. “We spend a lot of time together, we’ve been in Cape Town and Los Angeles together.”