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Lumione announced the PC and Switch

Lumione announced the PC and Switch

Publisher Perfect World Games and developer Glimmer Studio announced a 2D platform “Lumione”, which will be released for PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch. No date mentioned, but a trailer can be seen for that.

Game description: “Lumione is a platform game in a world full of undersea adventure. Darkness surrounds the ocean floor. Glimmer dreams of restoring the former beauty of his hometown, and so he sets out on a journey to do so. As Glimmer, a deep-sea fairy called Light. To banish the darkness of the sea floor, and to search for answers in the world and in yourself, you will endure many trials of wisdom and courage to find the light of hope. “

Added: “The gameplay is simple, while the game itself is challenging. As a player, you control Glimmer, the fairy from the bottom of the sea, as you skip levels and overcome many deadly obstacles. Besides jumping and climbing walls. Glimmer can walk short distances And fly in any direction. Since you can only fly for a short distance, this ability must be recharged by landing on a surface or touching certain elements of the game. You will need to learn how to master these game mechanics in order to meet the upcoming challenges. Failure is inevitable, thus Your will will be what propels you forward. But we are sure that with Glimmer you will successfully master the journey. “

Lumione features

  • The amazing graphics, great music and sound effects create a dream-like and ever-changing atmosphere in the game. You will face beauty hazards as you jump and climb through breathtaking levels of the ocean.
  • Diverse deep sea landscapes filled with bright colors created with Unreal Engine 4 technology and 3D Concept Art guarantee an atmospheric adventure. The journey is full of surprises, there are very quiet lanes, while the other sections are full of tension and challenging challenges, making the gaming experience immersive.
  • Hundreds of lovingly designed levels with dozens of game mechanics ensure the levels are playable and challenging.
  • We don’t believe in elaborate and elaborate character development designs. You will have to plan your steps in advance and respond to the dangers around you in order to traverse this deep maze and reach the end of your journey.