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Lufthansa girls: The Swiss also check the sleep chain for long flights

Lufthansa girls: The Swiss also check the sleep chain for long flights

Lufthansa wants to generate additional income on long-haul flights with its Economy Class sleeper series. Other airlines in the group are also interested – but not all.

Sleeping in three to four economy seats next to each other – Lufthansa made this offer earlier this week. Passengers can book what is known as Sleeper’s Row at short notice at check-in or at the gateWhen they are about to fly for 11 hours or more. You will then have the entire row of seats for you, plus a pillow, blanket, mattress pad and a special seat belt.

But what about the other airlines in the Lufthansa Group that are operating for the long term? You can adopt the concept Which promises extra income?. However, the Austrian daughter waved to him. “At Austrian Airlines, there is currently no planned sleeper dispute with Lufthansa,” a spokeswoman clarifies. even with Just launched Eurowings Discover They say you don’t plan a sleepover series like Lufthansa.

Looks like Brussels, but it flies shorter distances

Brussels Airlines is more open. As a member of the Lufthansa group, you can also look at other airlines’ products and services – “This also applies to Lufthansa’s Sleeper’s Row,” a Brussels spokeswoman said. No decision has been made on the possibility of introducing such an offer yet. One reason is that Brussels does not operate long-haul flights of more than eight hours.

Meanwhile, Suess is interested in the sleep series. “The Lufthansa Group project we are currently examining is also,” a Sleeper’s Row spokeswoman explains. She has not revealed any other details yet. But what methods are being considered?

Most of the long-haul flights in Switzerland go to Asia

Swiss long-haul flights of 11 hours or more depart from Zurich west to San Francisco (12 hours 20 minutes) and São Paulo (also 12:20) and east to Tokyo (11:55) and Shanghai (12:00 noon), Hong Kong (11:50), Singapore (12:25). Bangkok is also just under the eleven hour limit (10:55).

Lufthansa offers a maximum of three rows of beds per flight. The additional cost of the German airline is 159 to 229 euros, which corresponds to 171 to 246 Swiss francs. Those who choose the offer can use the pre-boarding, i.e. boarding the plane earlier.