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Lueger Platz: Activists paste street signs |

Lueger Platz: Activists paste street signs |

The street sign at the Lueger Monument was painted with the words “Place of Failed Remembrance Culture.”

Activists covered street signs in Vienna's Dr. Karl Lueger Square on the night of January 27 with the phrase “Failed Remembrance Culture Square.” The design is reminiscent of real street signs with blue color and white writing. According to the police, it is not clear who is responsible for this, according to the Courier. However, since the stickers can be removed without leaving any residue, this is not a case of property damage.

A police spokeswoman said that in order to evaluate the procedure legally, a report was sent to the Vienna Public Prosecutor's Office. MA7, the cultural section of the city of Vienna, sees things differently from the daily newspaper. It is not known whether the material of the monument will be damaged if it is cleaned. For now, the stickers will remain on street signs and the Karl Lueger memorial. The statue was also defaced again, but not on the same night.

The square and its memorial have been causing controversy for years, as they are reminiscent of Vienna Mayor Karl Lueger (1844-1910), who sparked controversy due to his anti-Semitism. The city of Vienna announced last year that it would tilt the monument by 3.5 degrees in order to place it in an artistic context. Implementation is scheduled for this year. The office of Vienna City Councilor for Culture Veronika Kaup-Hassler (SPÖ) said the tenders would be processed from the second quarter. (Abba)

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