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Ludwigsburg Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz wins professional fight in the United States

Ludwigsburg Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz wins professional fight in the United States

Ludwigsburg/Philadelphia. In the floodlights of the Philadelphia Marriott Hotel Ballroom, Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz confidently raised his fists and let his arm muscles play. The professional boxer from Ludwigsburg won the prestigious Continental title in WBC, one of the largest boxing federations in the world, against Mexican Alan Herrera. El Nino (“The Boy”) now draws a five-figure chart and is in the top 50 around the world in the welterweight division. “That fight in Philadelphia was exciting and successful for me. After a long time I was really excited again because I knew there was a strong opponent waiting for me,” said Leonardo Di Stefano Ruiz.

The challenger from Ludwigsburg made it clear at the start of the fight that he wanted to be the master of the ring. Under the watchful eye of coach Alexander Gere, El Nino caused Herrera to halt agility with several punches to the body in the first two laps. In the third round, the crucial scene: Ruiz raised his left elbow and punched his opponent’s head with his bent arm. Herrera went to the ground after this head hook, but got up again after a short time. “I could have hit him at that moment, but I didn’t. I just wanted to stand in the ring longer. The fight was also scheduled to last ten rounds,” the 26-year-old revealed later.

With his straight right hand perfectly executed to his chin, Ruiz sent Herrera back onto the boards on the fourth lap. The 32-year-old Herrera wobbled after getting up, and the Mexican easily fainted. That’s when I noticed it was pretty much at the end. El Nino said the referee didn’t care, just let the fight go on. Unfortunately for Herrera: This time Di Stefano Ruiz raised his right elbow and punched the Mexican in the face with his arm at a 90 degree angle. Herrera then lay on the He landed for several seconds and had to be treated by the ring doctors after this knockout blow.

“He’s doing a better job,” Ruiz asserted, which for him was his ninth professional victory in the ninth fight, eight of them by knockout. Who else can stop Ruiz?