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Lucky Luke is 75 years old - There are strange shades of honor

Lucky Luke is 75 years old – There are strange shades of honor

14.11.2021, 13:2915.11.2021, 06:11

He shoots faster than his shadow and nothing or anyone frightens him. Lucky Luke has been riding his Jolly Jumper across the Wild West for 75 years, ensuring law and order. In mid-November 1946, the magazine Spiro Almanach 1947 published the first story with a brave cowboy.

Always there: Rantanplan’s watcher, the Dalton brothers and the recurring end of the adventure when Lucky Luke rides toward sunset and sings his legendary song: “I’m a poor, lonely and far from home poor cowboy.”

In honor of Lucky Luke, there are 30 eerie shades here. Because they always come too late for him.

Do you see the lion?

Photo: reddit/imagepoem

lemur with trumpet

Photo: reddit / kushkenobi

Does anyone feel like playing the piano?

Photo: reddit/mattythedog

Hello dragon!

Photo: reddit/kirit_sc

Always tick well!

Bild: reddit / themattsquared

Beware of Rambo

Photo: reddit

Do you see that too? Gnihihihi

Bild: Reddit / Olly Denton

What now? Dog or cat?

Photo: reddit/xnekokuro

Not president of the United States for a year

Photo: reddit/farllen

puma attacks

Build: reddit / 12 inch


Bild: reddit / ripripriprip

What a horizon

Photo: reddit / natureisnifty

Toothbrush cleans its own teeth

Photo: reddit / DHSVlip



Bild: reddit/puppiesandkittiesarethebest


Bild: reddit / death_by_sexy


strange dog shadow

Photo: reddit/livejamie

Church tower in the stadium

Photo: reddit/trag4zup

Batman, but happy this time

Photo: reddit / bitterbilly

horizon again

Bild: reddit/thebeardedcarpenter

Is she walking around now or looking at her pictures?

Photo: reddit/hobojimmeh

Why is the shade straight?

Photo: littlebro43

The poor man …

Bild: reddit/trochanteric_crest

Abraham Lincoln Hall

Photo: reddit / jose_jones

Love me tender, love me sweeeeeet

Photo: reddit / imgur

Has anyone seen my smartphone?

Bild: reddit / vincecully


Bild: reddit/ridiculousnicolas55

Wherever Abraham Lincoln is, George Washington can never be missing

BUILD: Reddit/Ninodel


Bild: reddit/samanthajoelle


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