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Lucerne: Group brawl – Police must separate fan groups

Video showing a group brawl after a football match

Lucerne Police must separate fan groups by coercive means

After the football match between FC Luzern and FC Basel, there was a row between the two groups of fans at the Bundesplatz in Lucerne. Lucerne police resolved the dispute using coercive measures.


Fights took place in front of the Lucerne fan bar on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday evening, the Premier League football match between FC Lucerne and FC Basel was held in Lucerne, which the Basel team won 2-0. Since FC Basel fans did not submit a request to the cheerleader’s march, about 600 FC Basel fans decided to march individually from the train station to the stadium, according to Lucerne police. Prior to the match, there were no incidents noteworthy from the police’s point of view.

But after the match a riot broke out. Basel fans left the stadium individually. However, they formed a group in front of Langensandbrücke, which led to a clash between the two groups of fans at the Bundesplatz in front of Zone 5, the local area of ​​Lucerne fans. Lucerne police then had to use coercive measures to separate fan groups. The situation calmed down after a short time.