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Lucas Kartalis is in touch from Australia

Lucas Cordalis Australia has arrived. The Mallorcan singer, who is in a relationship with actress and reality star Daniela Katzenberger, is best known for “I’m a star, get me out of here” from the island’s airport in Palma de Mallorca two days ago to the other side of the world to participate in the RTL format. Wild camping. On Wednesday afternoon Spanish time, the 55-year-old first posted a picture from the plane on his Instagram story, which showed it approaching the metropolis of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast. Then one Photo from a bar At the seaside resort of Surfers Paradise.

Cordalis received a forecast of sometimes uncomfortable rainforest weather at camp. To the related photo on social networks, he wrote: “Rain and thunderstorms in Australia. When angels travel, the sky cries, we still love it!” Also seen in the photo is a forest companion of Cardalis Peter the Little, the husband of her mother-in-law Iris. He’ll be following the program live in camp in the coming weeks Daniela Katzenberger with Daughter Sophia Stayed in Mallorca.

There were also emotional scenes when Lucas Cardalis said goodbye to his family at Zon Sant Joan airport a few days ago. Daniela Katzenberger gave a heartwarming farewell to her partner on Instagram. He presented images of Sofia and Lucas to Silbermont’s music. There were some tears in it. Meanwhile, Cordalis corrected himself, quoting Daniela Katzenberger of “Bild am Sontag.” Two things are certain Said: He does not reveal his wife’s weight, nor does he bathe or bathe naked.

Lucas Cordalis is the son of the singer who died in 2019 and is still well known Costa CordalisWinner of the first season of the successful RTL format in 2004. The new season of “I’m a star, get me out of here” starts on January 13 and other German-speaking Mallorcan celebrities will also participate. This time it’s supposed to be heavyweight veteran actor Martin Semmelroge (“That Boot”), who at age 67 is being dragged into the jungle. However, his participation is considered uncertain as, according to media reports, he is yet to travel to Australia. Rumor has it that there are problems with entry clearance. However, the broadcaster claims that Semmelrogge’s late arrival was only due to production-related reasons.