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Lucas does not want to go to Germany

“Daniela, go then!”

Lucas Cordales does not want to go with the cat to Germany

Daniela Katzenberger prefers to leave her adopted home in Mallorca behind sooner rather than later. This upset her husband Lucas Cordales – he can’t imagine leaving the island.

Publication date: 9:01 am


Updated: 09:52 AM

Daniela Katzenberger, 35, and Lucas Cordales, 54, have lived with their daughter Sofia, 6, on the island of Mallorca for more than six years. Living where others go on vacation – a dream. But not for the German-born TV woman. The cat, also known as Daniela Katzenberger, wants to return to its home, the Palatinate, an area in the southwest of the country.

«The sea, the sea, the sea, I’m tired of the sea. She told her husband Lucas Cordales on her new show “Daniela Katzenberger – Family Happiness in Mallorca” I can’t do that anymore. He lived on the Balearic Island before he met his wife and has absolutely no intention of leaving. He answers: “I don’t understand it, my dear, others would be jealous if they could live like this. Ten elephants won’t get me out of here.”