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Luca Haney, Chanel Werch and Tina Umbricht understand the cancellation of ‘DSDS’

Michelle Imhoff and Sarena Bouchard

Deutschland Represents Den Superstar Enters Final Round! In 2023 the twentieth and final season of the legendary German talent show will be broadcast. For Darnier, RTL has brought pop titan Dieter Bohlen (68), who has already been cut, back on board, and celebrity star Florian Silberezen (40), set for this year’s season, will be employed in other TV formats in the future. The announcement of the abolition of coordination was met with great enthusiasm by the stars of the Swiss “DSDS”.

“A logical step is that the format should end in twenty years,” says 2012 ‘DSDS’ winner, Luca Hänni (27), when asked by Blick. However, he is impressed that the show lasted so long. “Hats off! When I heard that this season is 20, I don’t feel any younger,” he joked. On the last lap, expect a huge fireworks display that will really set things back up again. “I will definitely check it out.”