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love triangle “Commissary Rex” star Gideon Burkhard loves two women.

Actor Gideon Burckhardt is known to TV viewers from the crime series “Kommissar Rex”. He has now revealed in an interview that he is in love with two women at the same time and the trio lives together under one roof.

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  • “Komissar Rex” star Gideon Burkhard revealed his love secret in an interview with “Bunte” magazine.
  • He loves two women at the same time.
  • The actor lives under the same roof with his friends Sasha Feduta and Anne-Britt Dittmar. Burkhard’s mother also lives on the share of the apartment.

The headlines were made by the love outing of detective “Commissar Rex” Gideon Burckhardt.

The 53-year-old has the German People’s magazine “Bunte” betrayalTo love his girlfriends Sasha Feduta and Anne-Britt Ditmar and to live with them.

Gideon Burkhard tells the magazine, “I am not the big zampano here who has two wives. This is a real threesome, not just sexual, but one that is balanced and deep in all respects.”

Burkhard’s mother also lives in the house

The TV commissioner lives with his partners in a spacious old building in Berlin.

A while ago, even his mother, Elisabeth von Mollo, moved in with three people. “The fact that my mother, who wasn’t always so enthusiastic about my friends, then fell in love with both girls, is hard to imagine,” says Gideon Burkhard in an interview with Society magazine.

There’s a problem with the flat-sharing community: The bed in the bedroom is 1.80m too small for three: “This is Gideon’s next job,” says Burchard’s partner Ann-Britt Dittmar.

This is why the actor wants to turn into a craftsman and extend the bed by 30 to 40 cm. Despite the large crowd, one thing is clear: “Everybody else doesn’t fit in the bed.”

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