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Love and relationships: Princess Leonor of Spain is newly in love – and this is said to be her secret boyfriend

Love and relationships: Princess Leonor of Spain is newly in love – and this is said to be her secret boyfriend

A heart and crown for Crown Princess Leonor: The heir to the throne is said to have been struck by love — a long time ago!

What we know about the princess's young love:

Royal School sweethearts

The young man next to Leonor is said to be called Gabriele Giacomelli. There is said to be a spark between the 19-year-old and the Princess of Wales, with both attending UWC College from 2021 to 2023.

UWC has an excellent reputation – especially among the top 10,000. In Wales, Elisabeth from Belgium and Alexia from the Netherlands were already at school. Leonor's sister Sofía has been studying at UWC since 2022.

What makes Leonor's friend tick?

As Ponti and the Italian newspaper Genetti want you to know, Leonor's girlfriend comes from a respectable family worth millions.

Gabriel Giacomelli grew up in New York, the son of Brazilian parents. His mother is a successful marketing expert, and his father works as an investment banker at Deutsche Bank and holds a doctorate in philosophy.

Leonor's future father-in-law is said to live in a luxury apartment building on the Hudson River, not far from the famous Wall Street.

It is quite appropriate, one might say, in aristocratic circles.

According to Bild, Gabriel, like Leonor, must speak several languages, including Portuguese, English and a little German. He is very athletic, plays soccer and lacrosse, and loves art.

Leonor loves American students

After school, Gabriele Giacomelli returned to his hometown of New York to study. According to what was reported by the magazine “¡Hola!” Leonor is said to have visited her boyfriend there for the first time during Easter. The two reportedly spent four days flirting in the Big Apple in the spring.

Love between New York and Spain

Leonor and Gabriele Giacomelli are in a long-distance relationship. There are about 6,000 kilometers between them – and a lot of commitments. Leonor's life is certainly no walk in the park, vacation is rare and her workload is high.

Can first love bear that? Or will their relationship ultimately suffer under the weight of the crown?

How serious is the matter between Leonor and Gabriel?

The love between Leonor and Gabriele Giacomelli has not been officially confirmed by the palace – but it has not been denied either.

An insider revealed to “¡Hola!” Leonor and Gabriel want to take things slowly anyway. They don't want to “categorize” their love and shouldn't be in a committed relationship (yet).

What speaks against it: Loud “¡Hola!” It is said that Gabriel and Leonor's parents have already met. Apparently, Letizia and Felipe took their son-in-law with them on the Easter holiday in 2022. It is also said that Gabriel was there for the birthday party of grandmother Paloma Rocasolano (Letizia's mother).

Gabriel has at least somewhat experience on the Royal stage. Felipe doesn't seem to have any major objections to Leonor's first boyfriend either.