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Towers-Spieler Justus Hollatz gegen Alba-Spieler Louis Olinde

Louis Olind of Alba Berlin thinks the Hamburg towers will be in the top four

With Alba Berlin, the German champions, a real part awaits the Hamburg towers after the end of the year (January 2, 6pm). A real Hamburg boy will try to spoil the start of the year for the Zodiac: Luis Olinde.

The 23-year-old played his first game with The Towers as a teenager. In 2015/2016 he made three short appearances in Pro A. After four years in Bamberg, Olinde – now a national player – moved to Berlin. When he talks about horoscopes, he almost goes into rapture.

BBL: Luis Olinde believes a lot in coach Pedro Calles

“I love what you do. With Pedro you have a coach who showed at Vesta and last year in Hamburg what he can get from a team,” he tells MOPO and explains: “You shouldn’t underestimate them. You are a candidate to reach the second round in the qualifiers or maybe even the final.” “So it is believed that the Towers will be among the top four teams in the league.

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But on Sunday, the 2.05-meter man sees the advantage alongside the Berlin players. “I think we are still the best team, we are in a very good rhythm at the moment.” Winterhuder would like to impress as many friends and relatives in the field, as he says with a laugh: “I tried to get as many cards as possible to organize.”