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Lottery Decision: These sports-loving players will get the retail version of Nintendo Switch Sports – ntower

Last weekend started with the release of Nintendo Switch Sports For the hybrid console – the successor to Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort. In the course of this we started with Nintendo competition To the long-awaited sports game, in which you can dust off three commercial versions of Nintendo Switch Sports. We wanted to know from you in the comments if you can still remember your high scores from your predecessors – and in what mini-game you can immediately outperform your teammates and opponents. After a solid hit on the raffle drum, we’ve also received the names of the lucky winners from our virtual raffle fairy, who will soon be able to hunt down high scores on Nintendo Switch Sports. These are fans of the following sports:

Congratulations and thanks for entering this contest! We will send the winners a personal message and the match soon Sends.

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