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'Lost Ark': New servers should shorten queues

‘Lost Ark’: New servers should shorten queues

Updated on 02/17/2022 at 11:34 am

  • Amazon reacts to long waits in its “Lost Ark” RPG.
  • The hit MMO gets a new server region in Europe.
  • The patch should also fix many bugs. However, the daily maintenance work is driving the users crazy.

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The run on Amazon’s MMO Far East import “Lost Ark” was phenomenal: In its opening weekend (February 11-13), more than 1.3 million people played the Korean MMORPG on Steam at the same time. The servers were only moderately capable of handling user load. The queues were long and still the result. If you log in after 6pm you usually have to count thousands of players in front of you.

It’s now being improved: On Thursday, February 17th, the game will be down again for more intensive maintenance work – like almost every day anyway. The patch should bring a lot of bug fixes and stabilize the store. Additionally, with European Union West put an entirely new server area in operation. However, these hotspots are not immediately available, but will only be activated gradually.

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How long does maintenance work take?

The “Lost Ark” servers shut down shortly before 9am. Amazon and developer Smilegate have already announced that maintenance work will take three hours. According to the official Twitter account, the work ended shortly before 11 am.

As much as Amazon and developer Smilegate try to make it better: The daily maintenance work almost always – often at peak times – is not well received by many players. One puts it in a nutshell: “They don’t fix anything so dangerous that they have to shut down servers every night. That’s too excessive. Do it on a certain day as in any other MMO out there.”

Other counters: “Early morning is by no means a rush hour…Rush hour is when queues are packed with over 20,000 people. So it’s better to harass some players in the early morning than the majority of players in the evening hours. It will irritate a group Always a player no matter what you do.”

What changes and improvements does the patch bring?

  • When exchanging royal crystals, the “Lost Ship” can be disrupted. The defect must be in the history after correction. Delays and connectivity issues should also be eliminated when using the in-game store.
  • Compass should now display Adventure Island events correctly again.
  • Due to an error, the icons were displayed as text when communicating between two players using different language settings.
  • Warriors should now display “Northern Lawmaker” skin colors correctly.
  • An issue with DirectX11 and UI scaling should now also be fixed.

There is an overview of all changes here.

Will there be an option to switch servers?

Amazon officials approved a community request to move the server In the game forums Recently refused again and again – regardless of whether it was free or chargeable. On the official forum, the Roxx Community Manager recently explained why this is not easily possible:

“We hear and understand the calls for the Server Move feature. Since this feature isn’t currently permanently present in any version of Lost Ark, it’s not something we can implement right away and we’ll explore the possibilities with the Smilegate RPG.” Server changes are a feature that must be developed and implemented first.

If you still want to switch to the new Western EU servers, you can do so, but you will have to start over. Progress cannot be taken with you. Shared dungeons or raids with players from other servers are also not possible. To facilitate this move, Amazon recently distributed an additional set of items included with the purchase to buyers of the Founder’s Pack, which are linked to the server after opening.
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