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Lost Ark: 6 hours of maintenance completed

Lost Ark: 6 hours of maintenance completed

From Carsten Schultz
Update: The lost ship’s maintenance has ended! Origin: Today, March 4, 2022, we’re expecting the longest maintenance run since the launch of Lost Ark. Servers must be offline for six hours. As part of the maintenance, the developers are implementing the already announced weakening of the various end-game challenges from the Level 1 and Level 2 regions.

Update from March 04, 2022 – 12:08 PM:
Central European servers are also online. Enjoy in Arkesia!

Update from March 4, 2022 – 12:01 pm:
Western Europe is already online, while Central Europe is not yet.

Original message from March 4, 2022 – 08:39:
A few days ago, Amazon Games officials announced that some of the Coordinated Level 1 and Level 2 content of the ultimate Lost Ark game It must be. One reason (along with comments from various players): Sometimes the success rate of combos is less than ten percent. This sounds like more frustration than fun.

Maintenance in progress – 6 hours server is offline

Today, March 4, 2022, is the maintenance that brings nerfs to the Lost Ark. live servers (Buy now €19.99 ) It must land. Realms have been offline since 07:00 CET. According to the developers, the maintenance phase should last about six hours. The servers are expected to be available again around 1:00 PM CET. We are monitoring the situation and then update the news immediately.

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The developers explain the balance adjustments

On Lost Ark’s official website Officials once again took the time to examine the end-game mods in detail.

  • Lost Ark launched just a few weeks ago. There are still many players who are in the process of learning about or better understanding the different systems for character progression such as the tripod system, engravings, skill runes, or gems.
  • For a long time, only Level 1 and Level 2 challenges were available in other regions, with Level 3 coming later. As a result, players spent much more time at Level 1 and Level 2 learning boss mechanics and attack patterns.
  • However, in the West, Lost Ark starts directly from level 3. The developers therefore don’t see level 1 and level 2 here as the current endgame of the endgame, but as a kind of bootstrap we can use to refer to “Wealth of Level 3 Final Game Content“Be prepared and tuned in. To simplify this introductory experience, some of the very challenging challenges have now been modified.