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Losses to the United States and Italy

Losses to the United States and Italy

Curling – The Swiss maiden side around Skip Yannick Schaller lost two straight games for the first time at the World Cup in Las Vegas. After 4:7 against the United States are subject to Italy due to a time violation.

The CC Bern Zähringer footballers had lost the match against the Italians led by Joël Retornaz, born in Geneva and with dual Swiss-Italian citizenship, with a score of 3:5 at the 10th end, even if it was not yet the time. was bypassed. In the entire game, no team could get more than one point at each end. So two stolen points were settled for the Italians, who had previously inflicted defeats on the respective Swiss teams in previous international tournaments.

In the match between Switzerland and the United States, which was balanced for a long time, the decision was finally made. The American maidens around Skip Korey Dropkin stole a stone at the ninth and tenth finish.

World Cup newcomers Marcel Koveler, Romano Mayer, Michael Brunner and Yannick Schwaler continue to show a positive balance ahead of Robben’s last three round matches. Your chances of reaching the quarter-finals are good. In Round Robin, the Swiss will play South Korea, Germany and Scotland in the next two days.