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Loredana talks about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Muzik

Loredana talks about her ex-husband Mozzik

“We don’t have any contact at all”

Scandalous rappers Loredana and Mozzik actually wanted to get along with each other for the sake of their daughter. But they “blew it up,” as the rapper said in an interview.

Loredana Zevi, 26, couldn’t with or without her ex-boyfriend. She was with Albanian artist and producer Mozic (26) twice, and they broke up often. Last August, the rapper announced her renewed love on her social media.

“Woms and I will continue to keep in good contact,” she said at the time. The singer has repeatedly confirmed that they will be together for the sake of their daughter Hannah (3). As it emerged from a question-and-answer session with her fans on Instagram, Loredana has nothing more to do with her daughter’s father. In an interview with “blue” Did you make that clear?