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Long-haul seats: This is the number of seats that airlines build into their Airbus A350 aircraft

Lufthansa is increasing the number of seats on some of its Airbus A350 aircraft to more than 300. And compared to the competition from Europe and the Gulf countries, these seats are still few.

Lufthansa is building extra seats in the four Airbus A350-900s previously flown for Philippine Airlines.. This increases the capacity to 303 seats. This makes it tighter in the back in economy. Criticisms were also raised on social media and also in reader comments.

After the conversion, the premium economy will have 26 seats, and the economy will have 247 seats. Only Business Class remains the same size with 30 seats. The 17 indoor machines have a capacity of 293 seats. Lufthansa seats are divided into 48 business class seats, 21 premium economy seats and 224 economy seats.

From 283 to 411 seats

However, a look at the competition from Europe and the Gulf states shows that Lufthansa itself ends up at the lower end of the scale with 303 seats in terms of seat density. The airline is far better off when it comes to 17 A350-900s in its own configuration. Only 293 passengers fit into the planes.

Of the 10 airlines compared, Qatar has the fewest seats on its A350-900s. Most other travelers have passengers with them French bee. The French built 411 seats in the Radiators.

238 ranks between Australia and Europe

Singapore Airlines currently offers the longest flight in the world. From Singapore to New York on the Airbus A350-900-ULR (Ultra Range). The seats are adjustable. There are seats for only 161 passengers in Business Class and Premium Economy Class.

Qantas is planning something similar. Australians want to offer non-stop flights from Sydney and Melbourne to London and New York as part of the Sunrise Project. However, for very long haul flights, Qantas relies on the largest A350-1000. The seats can be controlled similarly. The machine should only provide room for 238 passengers.

See how Lufthansa’s competitors sit on their Airbus A350 in the photo gallery above.