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London's Unrivaled Event of the Century - Splendor and Glory: Queen's Funeral Photos - News

London’s Unrivaled Event of the Century – Splendor and Glory: Queen’s Funeral Photos – News

Royal ceremonial scene: The United Kingdom honored the Queen with a state funeral.

The event of the century was precisely timed: at 11:44 a.m. (12:44 p.m. CET), the coffin was moved from Westminster Hall of Parliament to nearby Westminster Abbey.

The official funeral began at 12 noon. During the service, many eyes were on the youngest of those present, the grandchildren of Elizabeth II. Charlotte looked down a lot and kept her hands folded in front of her. She was wearing black. George wore a dark blue suit. Baby Louis, Prince William and Duchess Catherine have not been seen.


Reuters/Phil Noble

The mass was attended by dozens of queens and kings, as well as sultans, heads of state and even the Japanese imperial couple, who never attended funerals. The state ceremony was also attended by the six surviving former British Prime Ministers and current Prime Minister Liz Truss.

After the funeral service ended, the trumpet sounded “Last Sharing” at 12:55 p.m. This began two minutes of silence across the country.

The national anthem was sung at 1 pm, and the procession to Wellington Arch began at about 1:15 pm. The Queen’s coffin was towed by marines on a Royal Navy cannon cart.

In addition to the state crown, orb and sceptre, a personal letter from Charles to his mother was crowned on the coffin: “In loving and honest memories. Charles R.” R. Stands for rex, the Latin word for “king”.

Soldiers pull the queen's coffin with a crown and a letter on it.


REUTERS/Peter Chibura

King Charles III looked moved when he and his closest family took his mother’s coffin across the British capital. Tears flashed in the 73-year-old’s eyes. He was followed at the funeral by the Queen’s other sons – Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Behind him walked the grandchildren of Elizabeth II, Prince Harry and his uncle Prince Andrew did not come in uniform as expected. They are no longer active members of the royal family.

Britain's King Charles attends the funeral and burial of Britain's Queen Elizabeth.


Reuters/Kay Pfaffenbach

They followed William’s wives and grandchildren in limousines to the Arc de Triomphe at Wellington Arch, where the coffin was carried to the funeral by eight porters at 2 p.m. Then a number of soldiers in ceremonial uniforms walked past the car.

The ‘State Corps’ coffin was brought to St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle Chapel. There was great sympathy in the streets. The crowd threw flowers from the edge of the street as the chair took the Queen to her beloved Windsor Castle for her funeral.

The roads to Windsor Castle were full.



A short time later, the funeral service took place shortly after five o’clock in the evening. Private burial at St. George’s Chapel at 8:30pm. The state funeral ends at the royal tomb.