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London sends first refugees to Rwanda on June 14

London sends first refugees to Rwanda on June 14

On June 14, the first refugees will be flown from Great Britain to Rwanda. The government wants to use this to deter illegal refugees.

The basics in brief

  • Great Britain wants to deter illegal refugees with deportation flights.
  • On June 14, the first migrants will be flown to Rwanda.
  • But rights activists warn that the agreement violates the right to asylum.

The first is controversial Deportation trips with refugees From the UK to Rwanda and is due to leave on 14 June. The Home Office in London announced on Tuesday that it had received the first illegal immigrants Delivery of notifications. It is the “final administrative step” to put an agreement with Rwanda into effect.

The agreement states that people who have arrived illegally in the UK will be East African country It is transported by plane. There they can apply for asylum.

However, the governor wants Government deter refugees and a Britain’s exit from the European Union– Keep promises. Recently, the number of people crossing the English Channel in barely seaworthy boats has increased significantly. So Home Secretary Priti Patel in particular has come under heavy pressure. Human rights activists accuse Government by the prime minister Boris Johnson He argued that the agreement with Rwanda violated the right to asylum.

Patel himself came to Britain as a refugee

“Our pioneering partnership with Rwanda is an essential part of our strategy to fix the broken asylum system. This is how we can break the vicious human smugglers business model.”

Although there will be attempts to delay operations and deportations, they will not be deterred. This was confirmed by the militant, whose family once arrived in Great Britain as refugees themselves.

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