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London and Brussels formally rubber stamp Northern Ireland’s compromise

British Foreign Secretary James Wise and European Commission Vice President Maroz Cefcovic officially adopted the deal, known as the “Windsor Framework,” at a meeting in London on Friday, British news agency PA reported. Wise previously described the deal as “the best deal for Northern Ireland”.

The British House of Commons approved the compromise with an overwhelming majority on Wednesday. The European Council also approved the deal this week. The agreement was launched at the end of February by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and EU Commission President Ursula van der Leyen. It is intended to end the dispute over Brexit rules for the British provinces known as the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Both sides want to put Brexit fights behind them and strengthen cooperation again. “I look forward to continued and fruitful cooperation with the EU on key issues such as defense and energy,” Cleverley said. London also hopes to be reintegrated into the Horizon research and innovation programme. High on the British agenda is a desire to work with the EU and its member states to stop irregular immigration across the English Channel.

While London and Brussels have now reached an agreement, the dispute in Northern Ireland is far from over. The DUP, the largest Protestant unionist party, has continued to reject the protocol despite advances, preventing it from forming a government in that part of the country. Prime Minister Sunak initially hoped the deal would overcome opposition from the DUP.