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Logitech showcases new webcams and headsets for hybrid work

Logitech showcases new webcams and headsets for hybrid work

Logitech has introduced two new product lines for the hybrid working world. This is a webcam and headphone series.

Brio 500 series webcams are designed to simplify work with various features. For example, Rightsight technology always puts users in the spotlight automatically. Even if they move, the manufacturer reports. Meanwhile, Rightlight 4 technology automatically ensures that the lighting is adequate.

Smart features should ensure that users are always in the picture and always well lit. (Source: zVg)

An innovation in the mounting system allows the camera to be tilted downward. This is how things and documents can be displayed on the desk. Logitech calls this feature Show Mode.

Headphones all day long

The Zone Vibe series wireless over-ear headphones weigh 185 grams and are designed to be comfortable to wear all day. The soft knit material and memory foam should ensure comfort.

Zone Vibe headphones are made from at least 25% recycled plastic. (Source: zVg)

The manufacturer also wants to impress on sustainability in both series. Both are certified as CO2 neutral. Depending on the color, webcams are made from 54 to 68 percent recycled plastic. Headphones at least 25 percent.

Logitech has also thought about IT administrators. Brio webcams are plug and play, compatible with most video conferencing platforms, and certified for Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom. IT administrators can update firmware and troubleshoot problems with Logitech Sync integration with Brio.

The Brio 500 series webcams will be available from September for CHF159 in graphite, off-white and pink colours. Zone Vibe headphones are available in the same colors, priced at CHF 139.

By the way, Logitech announced its portable console at the beginning of August. The Swiss manufacturer wants to develop this with Tencent, You can also read here.

Webcams and headphones are available in graphite, off-white and pink colours. (Source: zVg)