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Logitech G Fit review

True wireless headphones want to provide mobile gamers with sound for every action. Will this fix?

Either way, the Logitech G Fits are an experience. It starts with setup. While most headphones are designed to be taken out of the box, plugged in, and then used, the G Fits require adjustment. And physically. G Fits take their name seriously and use a special gel that molds to the wearer’s ear. This process requires the G-Fits app for Android or iOS. To adjust, insert the headphones so they sit comfortably and transmit as much bass as possible. Fits plays additional music for this. Once the fits are in place, begin the machining process. The gel in the headphones glows with a UV light for about a minute. This first warms the ear in a peculiar way, then allows the gel to harden. This is how G Fits perfectly adapt to your ear. Advantage: G Fits hold up well and isolate well from outside noise. Disadvantage: you can forget about selling or selling. While this isn’t popular with in-ear headphones, it’s still something to consider if only for hygiene reasons.

Support and comfort

Next, the G Fits also live up to what they promise: the headphones fit perfectly, seal well, and are, so far, the only earbuds that sit firmly in my ears. It is difficult to say whether this also applies to other ears. Among other things, because you can’t really experiment with sockets. Enlisting acquaintances for wear testing is also not possible, as G Fits are now modified to my ears.

The shiny tip of G Fits hardens when exposed to UV light in your ear

Source: Logitech

When it comes to comfort, a two-part picture emerges. At first the seizures seem a little strange. Compared to other earbuds, you tend to put a lot of mass in your ear. One reason for this is that the buds hold up so well, but this is unusual. After a short while you get used to it and the fits are nice and comfortable in the ear. In my case it also helps that the fits hold well and I don’t have to push down every thirty seconds so the receiver doesn’t fall out of my ear. On the contrary: after about five minutes I forget I have plugs in my ears and can focus entirely on gaming. This is how it should be.

The seizures don’t really become annoying over a long period of time, but a kind of fullness in the ear can be noticed. If you remove the headphones, you’ll first notice how much padding the ear pads are. On the one hand, this is a sign that the seal is working really well, but it is also a little uncomfortable. For stationary use, such as PC gaming, I prefer headphones for this very reason.