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Log My World: Aviation enthusiasts start a new digital flight log

Log My World: Aviation enthusiasts start a new digital flight log

What to do if there is no suitable product? You build one yourself. This is what two aviation enthusiasts did and created a new log of flights on the Internet.

There are some digital records of trips on the Internet. They are all very good. “None of them really satisfied us,” says Benedict Escher. Many of them are hopelessly outdated, some are visually unattractive and some are completely overloaded and therefore unfriendly to the user. “We first tried to give the big service provider tips for improvement,” says one airline fan. “But the reactions were not implemented.”

The disappointment gave Escher and his colleague Axel Schauenberg the idea to create their own better product that would cover all their needs. “We sketched out the first ideas on the kitchen table,” he says. “Our primary goals were simple, beautiful, flexible, and highly automated,” Escher says.

The first version was unsatisfactory

And at some point they actually decided to create their online travel history from sketches. That was two and a half years ago. “Because we both work full time, things took a little longer for us,” Escher says.

They had the first clickable prototype that was tested by a few friends. “We quickly realized that some things weren’t working the way we had envisioned,” Escher says. Therefore, aviation enthusiasts, who have flown more than 1000 times, again planned from scratch.

invested a lot of your own money

They hired programmers in Ukraine and really took off. A year later and after investing their own savings, Escher and Schauenburg had their first version already operational. “We have now invited 50 enthusiastic friends to fly to test them and give us feedback,” Escher says.

The two friends, who work full time at an airline and in an aviation consultancy firm, realized that their product had now matured. After the final adjustments, they turned global registration He lives. “Initial feedback is very positive and we are very pleased with that,” Escher says.

Extensive free version

The basic offer is free. “In the free version, we offer a lot more than the competition,” Escher says. There is also a map of the world on which all completed flights are displayed, comprehensive statistics on flight routes, models of aircraft, aircraft and airports visited. You can also attach a photo to the trip and create a custom field to capture more trip details. And switching from another provider is easy thanks to the import function.

There is also a paid version for 20 euros per year. Among other things, it offers more detailed statistics, more information such as information about the age of the aircraft, notification functions, more photo and video options or, thanks to the Radarbox interface, a simpler largely automatic flight recording. In addition, it allows for significantly greater customization.

Income goes to improvements

Making money with Log My World is not at the top of the priority list for flight log book founders. “We will initially invest all the proceeds to make our product even better,” Escher says. “After all, we also just want the best flight history for the flights we’ve completed.”

In the gallery above, you can see some of the stats that Log My World has to offer.

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