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Locked - unplug the router at night - does it make sense?  - Espresso cash desk

Locked – unplug the router at night – does it make sense? – Espresso cash desk


Turn off the router when you don’t need it: This saves electricity and can help you better shutdown and be free from the internet for a few hours. But: does hard and shutdown damage the router? We give everything clear. With that said, there are a few things you should be aware of.

Whether it’s to save electricity, mentally turn off, or reduce children’s internet consumption – many people turn off their router regularly. An espresso listener would like to know if this will shorten the life of the router?

There are no exact studies on this topic, but experts agree: that shouldn’t be a problem. Even with frequent on and off, the service life of the router is preserved. Usually, the router will not reach an age where the “failures” appear anyway. Most devices are replaced before they break because they are no longer modern.

How much electricity can you save?

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The router consumes between 5 and 12 watts of electricity. Unplugging the router every night and during holidays saves about 29 kWh per year. That’s as much electricity as washing clothes 60 times – or as much carbon dioxide as consuming three kilograms of meat.

Before unplugging your router, you should note two points. First, ISPs can automatically install updates on the router at night. In the case of security updates in particular, it is important that this happen as quickly as possible. If the router is turned off overnight, the update will be delayed to the next night, etc. Only about a month later, it update instead when the router starts up. In the meantime, security holes can arise.

Second, many home appliances depend on internet connectivity. For example, landlines, surveillance cameras, and smart home appliances such as light bulbs or heaters. These devices do not work or only work on a limited range as long as the router is turned off.


The cat sleeps, and the router does not.

The routers give a cozy warmth. If you don’t need the Internet at all, it’s for nothing.

Reto Widmer / SRF

So Internet providers recommend not to disconnect the router from the power supply at night, but only turn off the WLAN, the radio. Depending on the device, this functionality is available at the touch of a button or via an app. If you go on vacation, it may make sense to turn off the router completely. To do this, pull the plug or use a socket strip with a key.

Each person must decide for himself whether and when he wants to disconnect his router. However, in light of the impending power shortage, more families could be taking a break from the internet at night.