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Liverpool beats Man United at Old Trafford and remains hopeful

Liverpool beats Man United at Old Trafford and remains hopeful

Roberto Firmino (right) distinguished himself as a double scorer at Old Trafford.


Liverpool will join the Champions League centers in the English Premier League. J├╝rgen Klopp’s side won the match against Manchester United 4-2.

After Manchester United advanced through Bruno Fernandez, Diogo Jota and the double goal Roberto Firmino gave the Reds a 3-1 lead until the 47th minute. After Marcus Rashford’s goal, Mohamed Salah put the finishing touches in the 90th minute. Xherdan Shaqiri was not used in Liverpool.

This means that Liverpool are just one point behind Chelsea, who are fourth in losing points. A week and a half earlier, the match in Manchester was postponed due to United fan protests against the club’s leadership and a storm. A similar scenario portends shortly Thursday.

Once again, many supporters of the “Red Devils” protested in front of the stadium before kick-off. The Liverpool team car has been temporarily banned and its tires stabbed. Ultimately, the match could start on schedule at 9:15 PM.

Manchester United-Liverpool 2-4 (1-2). Goals: 10. Fernandez 1-0. 34 Corns 1: 1. 45. Firmino 1: 2. 47. Firmino 1: 3. 68. Rashford 2: 3. 90- Salah 2: 4 – Notes: Liverpool without Shaqiri (substitute).