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Live tape and more about the match against Lausanne-Auchi

Live tape and more about the match against Lausanne-Auchi

Challenge League

5-2 win over O’Shea: Kevin Spadanoda participated in all FCA goals

At the fifth attempt, Stefan Keeler’s team succeeded in their first home win against the club from the luxury region of Lausanne. With his third win of the season, Aarau jumps to second in the table.

Brügglifeld’s last seven goals are also the most beautiful. But a shot in the corner from 30 meters by Ouchy Mohamed Abdallah is nothing but a blow to the fair, the clear ruling does not change anything: FC Aarau shoots the visitors from Lausanne off the field with 5: 2. Vaudoa traveled to Brügglifeld by one point behind the hosts and Aarau overtook him On the table in an astonishing 90 minutes – after four games, FCA is one point behind Xamax in second place with nine points.

The standout man on the field is Kevin Spadanoda: No. 7 scores three times, prepares 1-0 for Shklzen Gashi and takes the penalty kick, which Gashi also converts to 5:1 in the meantime.

After his first three sets of his two-year professional career, Schinznacher smiled all over his face after the final whistle: “Crazy, what a game! When you run, everything goes well.” In the five games of the season so far (four leagues, one in the cup) Spadanuda has proudly scored seven goals and assisted two. A share that of course makes it interesting for top-tier clubs who still need reinforcements in attack at the end of the transition. But Spadanoda says: “My thoughts are full of FC Aarau. The harmony on and off the field is great. We have a big goal in mind as we go up.”

The clear win was even more surprising as Aarau had previously been without a win in four home games against Stade Lausanne-Auchi. On the last day of last season, they lost 3-0. But not much of Lausanne’s playing power can be seen in the team’s fifth meeting in Brügglifeld. Aarau intervenes early, do not let Ouchy open his passing relay and be effective in front of the opponent’s goal. Gashi seized his first big opportunity in the 24th minute, preceded by a magical pass from Allen Njie to Spadanoda, whose skewed shot would have found its way over the line even without Gashi’s interference.

Spadanuda tracks three goals: in the 36th minute, Rodani carefully hoisted the ball behind the O’Shea defense, Spadanuda starts at the right moment and hits the ball across the bottom edge of the crossbar to make it 2-0. Shortly before the end of the first half whistle, Raul Geiger scored the penalty spot, Spadanuda rushed in and used a deliberate low shot to make the score 3-0. To 4:1 in the 51st minute (Labo scored 3:1 in the same minute) rushes like a torpedo from an ambush and heads the ball into the net. One target with the right, one with the left, one with the head – Spadanoda shows his full repertoire.

Under Spadanuda, other players from the strong group stand out: right-back Giger felt the most ball contact of all the players, while Njie had some great moments in the middle. He must be added to the Liberian: if he removes his reckless mistakes, no one in the Challenge League will deceive him in his position. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles goalkeeper Simon Enzler also played his part in the win: Shortly before Spadanudas’ 3-0 win, he blocked 1:2 with a brilliant foot defense, a defining moment in Arao’s third win of the season.

Next Friday, the FCA receives Vaduz and thus the next opponent, which can be expected in the final table in the upper region. After the party against O’Shea, Aarau didn’t have to fear the relegated team in the Premier League.