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Live match tape against Everdun

Live match tape against Everdun

Challenge League

Penalty kick: Arau stopped his results crisis and beat Everdon

With a simple 1-0 victory, coach Stefan Keeler’s team jumped to third in the table. Kevin Spadanoda compensates the crowd at Brügglifeld with a converted penalty.

Crucial scene: Kevin Spadanoda takes the lead from eleven metres.

Claudio Toma / Fresh Fox / Fresh Fox

After 54 minutes, Kevin Spadanoda fulfilled the wish of the Arau fans. The request was unequivocal. Before the game began, Aaru’s scene wrote on a banner: “D Ziel sent gsetzt. De Paul net! Destroy instead of and don’t dominate!” This may have been worded a little militarily, but it served its purpose: Aaru scored a goal. and won.

Somehow the whim of fate was limited in the way the main portal was created. It resulted in a shot from eleven metres – a discipline that has been repeatedly denied in the FCA in recent matches. Randy Schneider crossed into the penalty area, and Everdons form Vlady illegally used his arm while trying to defend himself. Spadanoda got the ball and hit the left corner of the goal. Guest guard Mirko Salvi was on his way there as well. But Spadanuda targeted very well.

The goal was to reward the effort that FCA put into the business from the start. When Arau’s fan base talked about “dominance,” they weren’t entirely wrong. Also about this match. The hosts had the biggest share and cheerfully gathered close to goal. The gameplay system looked very sophisticated, only the last accuracy was missing in the passports. The guests, who played an intense 4-4-2, defended in a focused and largely flawless manner.

Important display: Shortly before the break, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles goalkeeper Simon Enzler blocked a shot from Marcolino Nenet.

Important display: Shortly before the break, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles goalkeeper Simon Enzler blocked a shot from Marcolino Nenet.

Claudio Toma / Fresh Fox / Fresh Fox

However, FC Aarau had chances to score. Randy Schneider missed his best chance when he was caught with a shot from a promising position at an opposing defender. Offensive approaches were also known at Everdon on occasion. Shortly before the break, Marculino Ninte nearly rewarded himself with the first goal with a superb solo shot through midfield. However, until then, it should remain the only goal that guests achieve.

A match in the spirit of the entire Aarau Club

In the second deal, the dominant element did not come out of the FC Arau match, although the increase in chances was much less. But that was possible given the 1-0 lead. The pulse only beats occasionally. Once the crowd raged at the Brüggilfeld Stadium while forming a package between the two teams. Sharp passes by Everdonians near the penalty area were greeted with a murmur. But a little later the tension faded into glee. The tight progression was maintained even after 94 minutes.

This means that match day ends before the international break, in line with the FCA. Neither Winterthur nor Vaduz nor Thon won. Meanwhile, Arau’s team halted their results crunch and climbed to third place in the table.

For once, you don’t have to worry about FC Aarau. He can have fun.


FC Arau – Everdon Sport 1:0 (0:0)

Brugglifeld. 2,940 spectators. – SR: Gianforte. Goal: 55 Spadanoda (hand-kick) 1-0.

Arao: Insler; Geiger, Thaler; Bergsma, Kronig; Njie (74. Bunjaku), Jäckle; Balage (Almeida 65), Schneider, Spadanuda (Schwegler 89); Rodani (88. Arator).

Everdon: Salvi. Bloom (78 umbala), Malula (86 oter), Hajrovic, Getaz; Eberhard (62. Capacalman), Zuk (62. Lusowina), Silva, Ninet; Vlady (62. Elliott); Belek.

Comments: Arao without Konos (suspended), Amiter, Gashi, Colako, Thyson (all injured) and Senyurt (not included). Everdon without Varges, Rodriguez (both suspended), Kalizic, Kony and Morelli (all injured). Warnings: 26. Spadanoda, 37. Hajrovic, 62. Nenet, 64. Bellek 71. Jakl 73. Kabakalman (all bluff play) 82. Bergsma 82. Getaz (both unsportsmanlike) 86. Lawsona (foul play).